AI fintech firm AiX is the world’s first AI bond broker

Bondsai will be the world’s first AI powered conversational Bond Broker, handling initial Bond offerings and secondary market trading.

AiX has partnered with XinFin to leverage the XinFin protocol to facilitate offerings of global cutting-edge Infrastructure deals and create liquidity in traditional bonds in order to generate funding for projects.

AiX’s Bondsai along with XinFin will enable Development Banks and Government Treasuries to efficiently offload de-risked loans to secondary markets and thus provide more new lending.

By tokenizing infrastructure bonds, XinFin & AiX aim to bridge a gap in the market allowing them to provide direct liquidity access to global institutional investors for investments in critical physical infrastructure projects such as power, water, and transportation. The first issuance of bonds will take place in the 3rd Quarter of 2019 and will consist of approximately $250- $400m of AAA rated, sovereign backed, post-risk infrastructure bonds from the books of the Development Banks and Government Treasuries.

AiX will act as the syndicate lead, automatically connecting market makers, brokers, banks and institutional investors over Bondsai – their AI trading platform. XinFin will use Bondsai for OTC Trading and will get continuous support from AiX’s technology and hybrid institutional broking team. AiX will leverage Xinfin’s KYC Enforced Public Network Masternodes for global public investors including pension funds, insurance companies and financial institutions as potential tokenised bond buyers, to generate liquidity for the digital infrastructure bonds via its innovative technology.

The Infrastructure Digital Bond Trading Syndicate will be led by AiX’s head of business development and sales, Bob Velez, a former MD and Head of U.S. / EU Equities for BGC partners and U.S. Marine veteran with a 25-year institutional finance career. The AiX team has unique experience in developing brand new financial markets across the globe and so is perfectly positioned to develop this opportunity.

Bondsai is anticipating volumes of $10-$20 billion in digital infrastructure bonds in the first year, and expects volumes to continue growing quickly over the longer term.

Sharing his excitement on formalizing the AiX and XinFin collaboration, Joseph Appalsamy, Head of Business Development, XinFin (an ADGM RegLab Participant) said, “We look forward to this exciting collaboration with AiX as we team up to help bridge the global infrastructure gap by delivering innovative regulated infra asset and instrument tokenization using artificial intelligence technology for trading and market making to unlock global liquidity.”

Jos Evans, CEO, AiX said, “AiX is thrilled to be a part of this brave new world in finance. We are firm believers in the future of the security token ecosystem and will work tirelessly with the XinFin team to ensure the best execution for these new digital asset classes and products by using Bondsai to source institutional liquidity globally.”

About Bondsai:

Bondsai is a full artificial intelligence broker that aims to replace the current antiquated broking & execution practices of voice brokers. Bondsai is capable of managing infinite amounts of data sources, while broking thousands of instruments simultaneously, works 24/7 and is hard coded with MIFID II best execution and regulatory code of ethics.

About AiX:

AiX and its artificial intelligence technology is disrupting traditional asset classes in the interdealer market. AiX provides a true best execution and price discovery through groundbreaking AI, connecting traders across markets and providing unprecedented insight and control. AiX makes trading simpler, smoother and more secure, boosting profits in the process. AiX has backing from major financial firms and has a team of experienced inter-dealer brokers. Through regulatory umbrella partnerships the team will be able to provide best execution to institutions in any regulated asset class. Ombrello Solutions is a trading name of Arian Financial LLP [FCA registration number 415230] – an established London based Inter-Dealer Broker which has been providing liquidity across all asset classes, in the Institutional market for 18 years.