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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform education.


Top 14 best programmable robot kits for education

Programmable robot kits are the best way to create motivation in kids and students to learn how to program robots and to become familiar...

Popular robots in classic literature (with pictures) – Updated

Even before the word “robot” was coined about a half-century ago, people were fascinated by the idea of a mechanical device that can talk,...

Positive impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on education

Computer devices and educational software applications have revolutionized classrooms and teaching methods in the past 10 years. But the true disruption is yet to...

Microsoft and OpenClassrooms to train 1,000 students to fill AI jobs

Microsoft and online education leader OpenClassrooms has announced a new partnership to train and prepare students for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs in the workplace....
School Workflow Automation

The ultimate guide for School Workflow Automation

Process automation is a trend globally towards increasing a business’s productivity and cut down on operational costs. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system helps...

Meet Yuki, the first humanoid robot lecturer

Jürgen Handke is a German professor, known as a pioneer of digital teaching methods. For years, he has been using digital technologies to enhance...

Top robotics research institutions and labs in Austria

Last month, we saw a list of top robotics research institutions and labs in Spain. In this post today, let’s look at the top...

Economic crises on education during COVID-19: Ways to overcome

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a major global economic crisis, causing a recession in some nations and depression in others. It is currently the...

AI in education: Where is it now, and what is the future?

Just a few years ago, the words 'Artificial Intelligence' described something that seemed impossible. Today, AI has found its way into many different aspects...

5 best robotics research institutions and labs in Greece

In the previous post, we have listed some of the top robotics research institutions and labs in France. In this post today, we will...