Adjust’s Unbotify prevents in-app bot fraud in mobile apps

Mobile measurement and fraud prevention industry leader Adjust announced the launch of its new Unbotify product to end in-app bot fraud.

Miracle Flights hosts free Family Drone Festival in May

Families and thrill seekers of all ages are invited to enjoy an exciting aerial acrobatics afternoon performed by professional drone experts, plus...

Valqari launches a first Smart Mailbox for drone deliveries

In a 2013 "60 Minutes" interview, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicted drones would deliver goods to our homes by 2019, but the...

Experts call for new drone regulations near airports

Drones are considered aircraft under federal law and are regulated by the FAA, which has required drones weighing over 250 grams (about...

Citadel Defense launches anti-drone solution to prevent future drone attacks

Drones have become an increasingly prominent nuisance in the skies as they have grown more accessible to the average consumer.  They...

Objectway unveils its Financial Chatbot

Financial software and digital solutions provider Objectway has launched a chatbot that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to answer users’ wealth management questions.


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