Cloud computing deals with the on-demand availability of computer system resources, such as data centers, data storage (cloud storage), and computing power. In this space, we will discuss various trends and hot topics in the cloud market, such as hybrid cloud, automation, security, reliability, and regulations.

cloud deployment models

Debunking 5 common myths about Cloud Contact Centers

There is no denying that cloud computing is rapid, relentless, and causing huge upheaval in the technology industry. Firms that need more computing capacity no...

Top 16 open source cloud monitoring tools in 2021

Open source cloud monitoring tools offer several advantages. As the name implies, the underlying principle of open source software is that they are available...
cloud monitoring

Top 9 commercial cloud monitoring tools in 2021

Cloud monitoring is an automated process to manage, monitor, and evaluate cloud computing architecture, infrastructure, and service. It plays a key role in supporting...

Cloud monitoring – Three challenges to overcome

The transition to cloud-based applications appears unstoppable. As the number of cloud users grows day by day due to various economic and performance benefits,...
Cloud Security

Cloud Security Guidance – Recommended objectives and guidelines

Cloud adoption has been growing rapidly in recent years due to key benefits such as cost savings, scalability, security, ease of deployment. However, cloud...
cloud deployment models

Comparing cloud deployment models: Public, Private & Hybrid

For a successful cloud deployment, it is inevitable for businesses to determine the cloud deployment models that best suit their business requirements. A deployment...

Types of cloud service models explained

Cloud computing has become a standard way of doing business, perfectly suited for all types and sizes of companies. The cloud is no longer...
Public cloud

Public cloud – Benefits and regulatory challenges

The ongoing COVID-19 has proven that the cloud is an inevitable technology that every organization should adopt to be more resilient, effectively manage operational...
Serverless Computing

Rise of Serverless Computing – The time for serverless is now!

The evolution of computing architecture began with physical servers, which required stacking and racking the big physical boxes and installing an operating system. These...

4 steps you need to take before a cloud migration – Checklist

Today, every business venture's growth and future depend on the kind of technology they are using. As you expand your brand, your IT infrastructure...