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Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning provides systems the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. This section focuses on new trends, predictions, computer models, and algorithms used in various applications, such as email filtering and computer vision.

voice recognition

How voice technology is changing the financial industry?

Speech recognition and voice technology are slowly becoming popular around the world. From large enterprises to common people, everyone wants to greatly benefit from...
3D camera

3D cameras revolutionize companion robots – David Chen of Orbbec [Interview]

Imagine a friend that can diagnosis your illnesses, play with your children, and follows you around to provide a cold drink whenever you need...

How often should ML models be retrained?

When a machine learning model is put into production, its quality can quickly deteriorate—and without warning. It has the potential to be detrimental to...

Top 10 Machine Learning model monitoring tools

Many companies in the modern world are greatly reliant on machine learning models and monitoring tools. And why wouldn’t they be? These tools help...
Job seekers

Job seekers guide to evaluate AI and ML companies

One of the most important parts of getting a good job in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is to evaluate the quality of...

Machine Learning: Practical applications for Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence has become the buzzword in many industries. It is providing practical solutions for different scenarios. Some of the beneficiaries are in healthcare, manufacturing,...
Machine Vision

The history of Machine Vision – Timeline

Machine vision is a technology that encompasses many engineering disciplines, including computer science, optics, mechanical engineering, and industrial automation. It uses image capture and...
Machine vision

Machine vision systems: 1D, 2D, and 3D

Machine vision is a technology that automatically extracts information from digital images for process or quality control. Since it is better suited to repetitive...
anomaly detection

Six anomaly detection techniques – Pros and Cons

Anomaly detection finds extensive use in various applications such as intrusion detection for cyber-security, fraud detection for credit cards, insurance, or health care, fault...

Top 15 machine learning startups to watch in 2021

The acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), led by new machine learning techniques, has led to a boom in the startup world, especially when the...