History of the Diablo universe – What players will be interested to know

The Diablo universe has more than twenty years of active development and updates since the release of the first part and preparations for the full release of the fourth part.

Diablo 4 will get several tools for customizing its hero. Still, it is generally the same gothic RPG with leveling and elements of randomness in terms of equipment drop and patterns in terms of builds and overall playthrough.

In fact, for a successful start in Diablo 4 after its official release in the summer, you need to prepare and test the options for the main character.

While the open testing stage is underway, you can buy early access and get acquainted with the new storyline. Try out each of the five main characters to accurately determine the main character and begin his development.

As in any part, in Diablo 4, you will start with an empty inventory and one skill designed to help in hand-to-hand combat, not a full-fledged attack.

You will knock out the first money, random equipment, and weapons from the initial monsters, and not always what you knock out will suit your class and be available for equipment. An alternative option is to buy diablo 4 gold from professional Skycoach players and start your journey with full equipment, potions, a helmet, belt, gloves and boots, and weapons for your class.



The first part, which laid the foundation for one of the most successful and popular serial games in the RPG genre, was released in 1996. The developers then could not even imagine what degree of popularity and fame their projects would achieve.

The concept where you choose your character and the game adjusts to that choice in terms of dialogue and overall feel for the story was one of the first to be implemented in Diablo.

According to the plot, events occur in the city of Tristram, where residents suffer from sources of evil that strongly influence the city.

To stop the influence of demons and close the source of evil, several heroes arrive in the city, and you choose a character who will go into battle.

You have to go to the catacombs under the city and go through 12 levels filled with monsters, skeletons, and demons.

At the last level, Diablo will be waiting for you in a corporeal form, which you need to defeat along with all his minions to eliminate the source of the power of demons and bring freedom to Tristram and all the inhabitants.

But the story does not end so easily; to prevent the release of Diablo, the player decides to absorb his power with the help of a soul stone, leading to disaster.

Diablo takes possession of the hero’s soul and frees his brothers – the archdemons Mephisto, Baal, and his true form with his hands.

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

The world is again in danger from the awakened evil and the settlement of monsters. 7 heroes arrive in a small village with their level of motivation to fight evil:

  • Barbarian – a windy mountain and the city of barbarians is under siege by demons; the character comes to fight enemies and help his fellows.
  • Magician – the main motivation of magicians is to prove their power and challenge all equally powerful creatures. The battle with Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal is the main ambition of the sorceress.
  • Amazon – believes in the prediction of the oracles, which predicted a radical change in the balance of the world and the beginning of the era of the Amazons after the victory over the titanic evil.
  • Necromancers – engage in battle with evil, although they are adherents of dark magic for the sake of the balance of the universe and the general balance of darkness and light.
  • Paladin – comes into battle for revenge on Mephisto, as one of the reasons for the emergence of the Crusades and because of guilt for failing to control evil of this level.

Players arrive at the starting village, plagued by inhabited monsters, a black crow occupying the local cemetery, and Andariel, a demon who has captured the ancient ruins and his minions.

If the player helps the locals cope with the threat and eliminate the minions of evil, they can sail east and continue their journey to the archdemons.

The second act will take place in the desert and battles with minions of Tal-Rash and bone vipers. The power of evil has reached such strength that the sun itself went out in this region, but by breaking the temple and defeating Tal-Rash, the player will have the opportunity to go further to the temple of Mephisto’s dwelling in the third act.

The third act will take place in the swamps and sewers of a port city where the player must travel through the jungle to find an ancient temple and defy the council of the ancients to gain access to Mephisto’s temple.

Having defeated Mephisto, the player releases the archangel Michael and moves to the next act.

The fourth act will go quickly due to a short dash through the locations with the help of Mechael and a battle with Diablo himself.

After defeating the hero, the fifth, most interesting act is sent, divided into three stages.

The first is to lift the siege from the barbarian settlement and help them repel the attacks of the demons.

The second is to attack the windy mountain with the local council to gain the right to enter Baal’s hideout.

Third – Fight with Baal and his copies and numerous monsters to seal the archdemon and bring peace to the region.

The third part of the game will turn out to be more passable and has received updated graphics.

The battle will occur not with demons but with a troubled sorceress who attacked Deckard Kane.

The fourth part only reveals its secrets to players unafraid to challenge it in early access without waiting for the release.