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In this section, we cover various markets in robotics.


Smart agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT) – Key advantages

Due to enormous technological growth, farming has become more popular and significant. Different tools and techniques are available for the development of farming. The...

How are robots helping scale eCommerce fulfillment to meet demand?

The number of people choosing to shop online has climbed steadily over the years. Statistics show there were 1.32 billion people buying things online...
Drug Discovery

AI in drug discovery – Advantages and disadvantages

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in various fields of pharmacy like drug discovery, drug delivery formulation development, polypharmacology, hospital pharmacy, etc. The drug...
CNC Milling Services

Tips to know when preparing CAD model for CNC milling

Before a designer can bring his design to life, the sketch of the model needs to be prepared in any of the CAD/CAM software....
delivery robots

Autonomous delivery robots – Benefits and drawbacks

Our city streets have been overrun by an army of micro-mobility devices such as dockless bikes and electric scooters in recent years. Many cities...

7 applications of nanorobotics in dentistry

Nanotechnology until now has been seen only in science fiction stories and movies, but the upcoming future is now promising us to turn this...

Potential use of sex robots in elderly and disabled care

Sexual health is more than the absence of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction, and sexual violence. Rather, it includes sexual well-being that contributes to...
healthcare robots

Different types of healthcare robots explained

Healthcare robots differ from all other robots and deserve our special attention due to their direct interactions with human users in surgical theaters, rehabilitation...

Three methods to ensure additional chatbot security

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular as intelligent assistance in shopping, food delivery, healthcare, banking, etc. But the use of chatbots brings several additional security...

Dental robotics: A disruptive technology in dentistry?

In dentistry, robots are not as widely used as in medicine. Dentistry uses a few manual robotic systems controlled manually via the computer's control...