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In this section, we cover various markets in robotics.

automated milking systems

Top commercially available technologies for dairy cows

Dairy farming has a long-standing history deeply rooted in traditional practices aimed at maximizing milk production and ensuring the well-being of dairy cows. Traditional...

Granting third-party data access: Overcoming the major challenges

Giving data access to third parties can be seen as a necessary evil for many companies. Companies often need to collaborate with third-party organizations,...
CNC machining

Should your business invest in CNC machining?

Industry 4.0 has been underway for a while — a new industrial sector with more significant potential and efficiency while leveraging automation and robots....

Top five well-known hacktivist groups till now

Hacktivism is a form of activism that uses hacking and digital tools to achieve political or social goals. Hacktivists may use various techniques to...

How does app-based learning revolutionize education

App-based learning uses mobile or "apps" to support and enhance the learning experience. These apps can be used for various educational purposes, including providing...
robotic exoskeletons

Exoskeletons: How wearable robots are changing healthcare

Exoskeletons are wearable robotic devices designed to enhance the wearer's physical abilities. They are typically made up of a metal or plastic framework and...

An exhaustive list of notorious ransomware gangs in 2023

Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a victim's files or locks their computer system and demands payment, typically in cryptocurrency, to restore access to...
automated milking systems

How automated milking systems (AMS) ensure productivity, and animal welfare

In conventional dairy systems, there are several challenges related to the welfare of dairy animals during milking. Dairy cows can experience discomfort and pain...

AI-powered recruitment tools for HR professionals

Traditionally, HR professionals faced several bottlenecks in hiring. First, hiring is a time-consuming process that requires HR professionals to sort through many resumes and...

Emerging cybersecurity threats and concerns in 2023

Cybersecurity matters the most today because our world relies on digital technology, and our personal and business lives are increasingly intertwined with the online...