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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform agriculture.

Top 40 companies developing agricultural applications with robots

Robots continue to influence our lives on an unbelievable scale. They simplified automated production, reduced injuries to workers, and reduced manufacturing defects. In the healthcare...

Top 12 agricultural robots for vineyard applications

As inseparable parts of the modern farms and vineyards, agricultural robots are increasingly playing a key role in the daily life of the farmers...

SwagBot becomes autonomous and reaches the market in 2020

SwagBot is an omni-directional electric ground vehicle designed by the field robotics start-up Agerris to assist with a range of tasks including weed control,...

5 robotics and autonomous challenges in agriculture

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) can revolutionize all agricultural sectors. Their contribution will vary in nature from crop, animal, and aquaculture to primary production...

Crop Care – 6 ways robots are used in agriculture

Robot farming is not a new idea. Many engineers have developed driverless tractors in the past, but they weren’t successful because they couldn’t embrace...

Food chain: 5 key challenges in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in UK

Agri-Food is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It supports a food chain with over £ 108 billion in turnover, 3.9 million in a truly...

Top challenges of robotics in precision agriculture: Digitalization & Automation

Today, after 20 years of research in precision agriculture, there are many types of sensors for recording agronomically relevant parameters and many farm management...
Precision Agriculture

Deployment of drones in Precision Agriculture

A few years ago, drone technology seemed to be an unreachable facility for poor farming communities, but gradually, things have changed a lot. At present,...

Robotics in Agriculture: Advantages and disadvantages

One of the major advantages of robotics is their flexibility to perform a variety of tasks and applications in any environment. They are more...

7 major use cases of robotics in Agriculture

Robots are very promising to solve some of the most pressing agricultural challenges, from increasing productivity and profits to addressing labor shortages and environmental...