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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform agriculture.

automated milking systems

How automated milking systems (AMS) ensure productivity, and animal welfare

In conventional dairy systems, there are several challenges related to the welfare of dairy animals during milking. Dairy cows can experience discomfort and pain...

Top 9 advanced agricultural robots for weed control

Weeds are unwanted and unwanted plants that interfere with the use of land and water resources and therefore have an adverse effect on agriculture....

7 robotic applications upgrading food packaging processes

Robots are taking food packaging into the future with streamlined, high-efficiency processes that deliver on quality. Robotics is taking on important roles in this...

8 agricultural robots for autonomous navigation and monitoring

Farmers turn to technology to address a number of pressing issues, including growing global labor and food shortages. Agricultural robots, sometimes referred to as...

The prospects of using robots in food processing and manufacturing

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous increase in robot deployment in the food industry that combines an extensive diversity of products, packaging, and handling...

Tree planting drones can plant 400,000 trees a day

In a mission to prevent deforestation throughout the globe using technology, UK-based Biocarbon Engineering has developed drones that can plant trees on a massive...

Food chain: 5 key challenges in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in UK

Agri-Food is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It supports a food chain with over £ 108 billion in turnover, 3.9 million in a truly...
Flexiv Rizon

Yunfan Gao of Flexiv talks about adaptive robots in indoor farming

Indoor farming is one of the recent trends gaining traction in agriculture. Why? With continued global population growth, increasing loss of cultivated land to...

Precision agriculture is the future of farming – Doing more with less!

Agriculture touches everyone's life, unlike many other industries. Farming is central to well-being since food and water are our necessities. The global economy relies...

Agerris raises $6.5m for smart farming robots

Agerris, an agricultural robotics start-up born out of research at the University of Sydney, has received a $6.5 million investment from Australia's longest running...