Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform agriculture.

weed robot

The use of autonomous robots in weed management and control

Weed control is one of the long-standing issues in agriculture. Traditionally, the uniform application of herbicides has been the method to remove the weed....
Precision Livestock Farming (PLF)

Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) – Everything you need to know!

Livestock production is one of the pillars of the food industry in the world. However, it faces many challenges, including the rising demand for...

The impact of regulations on drones (UAS) in agriculture

Aircraft have been in use for agriculture for decades, since the 1920s. But they were expensive to fly or hire, and the local hindrances...

Potentials and bottlenecks of using drones in agriculture

Drones have the potential to modernize the way we do agriculture. The use of drones in agriculture is already widespread worldwide for numerous applications,...

Common challenges and methods used in robotic weed control

Weeds are misplaced or undesirable plants in human-controlled settings like farm fields, gardens, lawns, and parks. In agricultural production, they lead to diminished crop...

Top 9 best robotic milking machines to consider in 2023 [Updated]

Running a dairy farm is labor-intensive. It requires farmers to accomplish backbreaking, repetitive, and monotonous physical tasks day and night, with low levels of...

Six key benefits of automatic milking systems (AMS)

Cow milking is complex and demanding. It involves several proper procedures like barn sanitation and teat treatment, which would provide a low-stress environment for...

Key benefits of using industrial robots in food manufacturing

The earlier use of robots in the food industry, controlled by strict health & safety regulations, was limited to packaging and palletizing in dairy,...

Precision agriculture: How machine learning simplifies farming

As long as the population of the world keeps increasing, so will the consumption of food. Already more than 820 million people around the...

Precision agriculture – Knowing the main protagonists

Agriculture touches everyone's life like few other industries. Farming is central to every nation's well-being since food and water are basic necessities. Whether the...