Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform agriculture.

automated milking systems

How automated milking systems (AMS) ensure productivity, and animal welfare

In conventional dairy systems, there are several challenges related to the welfare of dairy animals during milking. Dairy cows can experience discomfort and pain...
AgriFood tech

AgriFood tech: Essence and solutions

The future of the agricultural sector has already arrived after the world faced significant challenges in the growing population and climate change. The symbiosis...

Eight technologies to increase the value of your farmland

The use of technology in agriculture isn’t only reserved for giant farming corporations. Many technologies can benefit small farmers too. These technologies range from...

How the use of drones radically transforms agriculture

Drones are remote-controlled or GPS-driven aerial vehicles that can be operated for various agricultural applications, including aerial crop monitoring, pesticide spraying, seed distribution, and...

Milk quality in automatic milking systems (AMS) – Challenges

The production of high-quality milk and keeping the herd in good health are the main objectives in primary milk production. An automatic milking system...
Flexiv Rizon

Yunfan Gao of Flexiv talks about adaptive robots in indoor farming

Indoor farming is one of the recent trends gaining traction in agriculture. Why? With continued global population growth, increasing loss of cultivated land to...
automatic milking systems

History of automatic milking systems (AMS) – Timeline

We have been milking cows for thousands of years. Farmers used their hands and a bucket during the earliest days of milking while kneeling...

Artificial intelligence (AI) – The future of the food service industry

The food service industry is not an exception to how digital disruption has affected nearly every sector, from financial services to healthcare. To stay...