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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform cyber security and defense.

Emerging technologies and the future of military robotics

Military robots have existed in one way or another for well over a hundred years. The earliest examples include mines, torpedoes, and early-guided munitions....

3 cases of cyber security risks faced by Robotics

Cybersecurity in robotics requires more than the current security technology offer. For example, when a robot supplies a small package to a destination, multiple...

Best practices to secure your robotic process automation (RPA)

IT automation (ITA) and business process automation (BPA) have been around for decades, enabling businesses to improve their efficiency and productivity. But with the...

Top 7 most effective anti-drone technologies

Drones are increasingly being used across sectors as they can quickly acquire imagery ready to use and reach places where people can not reach....

Top Russian cyber units and hacking groups to watch out

With the cooptation or recruitment of criminal and civilian hackers, Russia has increased its personnel, capabilities, and capacity to conduct a wide range of...

Human factor behind cyberattacks – Root cause analysis

Nearly 95 percent of all security incidents involve human error. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report 2013, up to 95 percent of advanced...

Top 10 military robots, UAVs and autonomous weapon systems to know

The use of robots in the military sphere is no longer a fiction! They have become an integral tool in peacekeeping as well as...

How to identify suspicious payments associated with ransomware

Due to the crucial role that financial institutions play in obtaining ransom payments, ransomware attacks are a growing concern for the financial sector. Typically,...
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4 tips to achieve better cyber security risk management

Risk is an instance that involves exposure to danger. This type of management is understood in the threats faced in your organization, along with...

Machine Learning: Practical applications for Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence has become the buzzword in many industries. It is providing practical solutions for different scenarios. Some of the beneficiaries are in healthcare, manufacturing,...