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Mitigating ransomware attacks at your business – A complete guide

Among all the malware that attacks people's data, ransomware happens to be one of the worst! Its impact is immediate and can result in...
financial and cyber frauds

Popular ransomware variants you should know

Ransomware is a growing criminal activity that comes in a variety of forms. Since the first appearance of police locker ransomware variants in 2012,...
Alias Robotics CEO Endika Gil-Uriarte

Alias Robotics’ CEO Endika Gil-Uriarte talks about Robot Immune System

Meet Endika Gil-Uriarte, CEO of Alias Robotics, which is a Spanish startup specialized in robot cybersecurity. Trained in Biological Sciences, Endika is a former...

Four robot-specific cyber attacks on industrial robots

Mechanically, industrial robots may like an arm with two or more joints terminated by an end effector that interacts with the environment. But they...

Are we giving up our privacy in the middle of COVID-19?

Before 2020, most people had some reservations about the idea of robots and AI, taking on more significant roles in our everyday social life....

Top Russian cyber units and hacking groups to watch out

With the cooptation or recruitment of criminal and civilian hackers, Russia has increased its personnel, capabilities, and capacity to conduct a wide range of...

Potential risks of AI in military applications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasing role in planning and supporting military operations. As a key tool in intelligence and analysis of the enemy’s...

Top 6 network vulnerability scanning tools

The threats to computer network infrastructure are increasing and constantly changing in every day. Hackers are launching more sophisticated attacks on every possible weakness...

Wearable military technology – Four new wearables for soldiers

The nature of warfare has changed considerably over the years. The landscape of the conflict is evolving with an increasing number of both conventional...

Payment fraud detection techniques in Machine Learning – Pros and Cons

Online and credit card payments play a significant role in today’s economy. They have become an unavoidable part of household, business, and global activities. However,...