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Document automation: Safeguarding against malware risks

Document automation, the process of creating and managing documents using software, has become essential in various industries due to its efficiency and convenience. However,...

What is Extortionware? (Extortionware vs. Ransomware)

Extortionware is a unique cyber attack businesses must learn to defend against. It’s rising in popularity because it’s usually much more effective than traditional...
Fire TV Stick

Tips for keeping your privacy safe on a Fire TV Stick

Privacy is a major concern among internet users in today’s era, where almost everything is done online. Firestick users stream content on a TV...

Different VPN types and their characteristics explained

When considering the optimal solution to use, one should note that various types of VPNs exist, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Certain VPNs...
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How to maintain cybersecurity during a business transition

Companies experiencing a significant change — such as a leadership transition, shift toward remote work, or high turnover period — should consider updating their...

How do phishing scams adapt and thrive?

Phishing scams are constantly adapting to stay one step ahead of detection. Attackers use various methods to avoid detection, from regularly changing websites and...

7 things to consider when evaluating an MDR provider

Organizations today face several pain points when it comes to cybersecurity. One major challenge is the cybersecurity talent shortage, making hiring and retaining skilled...
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Proactive cybersecurity measures to implement today

Every organization, from the smallest businesses to Fortune 500 companies, is subject to data breaches. A company stands to lose time, money, and brand...

5 key challenges of implementing IT security tools in OT environments

As digital transformation and the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) continue to gain momentum, the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and...

22 common Bluetooth attacks and mitigation techniques

Bluetooth technology has become integral to our daily lives, allowing us to connect and communicate wirelessly with various devices. However, with the increasing use...