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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform education.

STEM education

6 steps to give a meaningful STEM education to your child

Getting your child started in robotics can be confusing as you try to figure out where to begin. Robotics can provide a bright future...

Best selling Raspberry Pi Robot Kits in 2021 [Updated]

The Raspberry Pi is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the world of single-board computers (SBC). The current version Raspberry Pi Model 4 B was...

How educators use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a teaching tool

Artificial intelligence has been around for way longer than most people imagine. The term AI was first coined in 1956, and the study of...

Positive impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on education

Computer devices and educational software applications have revolutionized classrooms and teaching methods in the past 10 years. But the true disruption is yet to...

What are some great ways to work online and make money?

Most hardcore robotics enthusiasts such as Dinesh Patel, who built the humanoid ‘Shalu,’ don’t have the good fortune or financial stability to purchase costly...

LMS and AI-powered LXP: Why and how they’re different, explained!

Many business owners and managers are familiar with companies' online learning tools to deliver a constant learning and training environment to their employees. Nonetheless,...

AI in education: Where is it now, and what is the future?

Just a few years ago, the words 'Artificial Intelligence' described something that seemed impossible. Today, AI has found its way into many different aspects...

Economic crises on education during COVID-19: Ways to overcome

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a major global economic crisis, causing a recession in some nations and depression in others. It is currently the...

Cloud computing in Education – 10 key benefits and security challenges

Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile computing, distributed computing, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, big data, blockchain, and wearable technologies have brought tremendous changes...

How to become a software engineer despite the pandemic?

We are only scratching the surface of the huge upward curve in jobs and earning possibilities yet to come. Those who gain the required...