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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform healthcare and sports.


Nanobots: A revolutionary approach to HIV AIDS treatment

Since the dawn of technology, humankind has sought to extend its capabilities beyond the natural realm, pushing boundaries and overcoming challenges. The intersection of...

Dark sides of dating apps – Lies, deceit, fraud, and sexual violence

One of the most significant advantages of online dating apps is their remarkable efficiency and unparalleled convenience. With a smartphone, users can effortlessly connect...

15 essential guidelines for achieving HIPAA compliance in software development

In today's digital age, healthcare organizations rely heavily on software applications to store, process, and transmit sensitive patient data. As technology evolves, ensuring HIPAA...
robotic exoskeletons

A short history of rehabilitation robotics

The history of rehabilitation robotics dates back to the late 1950s, around the same time as the development of robotics itself. Initially, robotics focused...
robotic exoskeletons

Exoskeletons: How wearable robots are changing healthcare

Exoskeletons are wearable robotic devices designed to enhance the wearer's physical abilities. They are typically made up of a metal or plastic framework and...

Wearable devices for personalized rehabilitation in healthcare

Personalized rehabilitation in healthcare involves tailoring rehabilitation programs to meet each patient's individual needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, personalized rehabilitation considers a patient's...
cloud gaming

Cloud gaming: How did it transform computer games?

Cloud gaming, also known as gaming-as-a-service or gaming on demand, is an ecosystem in which a large game program is executed on a cloud...

History of the Diablo universe – What players will be interested to know

The Diablo universe has more than twenty years of active development and updates since the release of the first part and preparations for the...

Best examples of artificial intelligence (AI) transforming healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most significant success stories of our time. Medical science has advanced rapidly, increasing global life expectancy. Still, as people...
mental health

Negative effects of using technology in mental healthcare

Emerging technologies are rapidly advancing for assessing, monitoring, and treating various mental health conditions, with the potential to broaden the range of available treatment...