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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform healthcare and sports.


Stress and mental health challenges among cybersecurity professionals

Cybersecurity professionals work in a constantly changing adversarial threat landscape and often must adhere to ever-changing industry mandates, a work environment akin to a...

7 innovations changing the future of gaming

The first video game is said to have been invented in 1958 by Physicist William Higinbotham. Since then, technology has evolved a lot, to...
UVC disinfection robots

Buying disinfection robots – Factors to consider

One area of focus to lower healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and enhance patient care is the cleaning and disinfecting of patient rooms after patient discharge...
screen time

Recommended screen time for kids: Ensuring digital safety

Kids love watching different shows and playing games. You might allow your children to use electronic devices to make them happy or keep them...

How AI is changing the world of gaming

Considering its uses are becoming more widespread in countless sectors, there is still much ignorance and misinformation about artificial intelligence (AI). The most common myth...
Formula 1

Will a Formula 1 Pit Crew ever be replaced by robots?

Formula 1 racing has a rocky history with pit stop automation, but is there a chance things could change? Over the past ten years,...
Wearable assistive robots

Future trends in wearable assistive robots

Wearable assistive robots, which are designed to assist humans with physical impairments, particularly assisting lower and upper limbs, and joints of the human body,...

Robotic Assistance in Neurosurgery and Pathology

Using medical robots to support neurosurgery and pathologic investigations is an increasingly common option. They can often save time, reduce complications and provide other...
Wearable assistive robots

Wearable assistive robots – Current challenges

Wearable assistive robots have the potential to provide users with new platforms and methods for assistance, care, and rehabilitation. With the help of this...
gene therapy

How robotics & gene therapy could extend our life expectancy

Genes are the building blocks of the body. They reside in cells and provide instructions that tell cells what to do. Genes influence everything...