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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform healthcare and sports.


7 applications of nanorobotics in dentistry

Nanotechnology until now has been seen only in science fiction stories and movies, but the upcoming future is now promising us to turn this...

Potential use of sex robots in elderly and disabled care

Sexual health is more than the absence of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction, and sexual violence. Rather, it includes sexual well-being that contributes to...
healthcare robots

Different types of healthcare robots explained

Healthcare robots differ from all other robots and deserve our special attention due to their direct interactions with human users in surgical theaters, rehabilitation...

Dental robotics: A disruptive technology in dentistry?

In dentistry, robots are not as widely used as in medicine. Dentistry uses a few manual robotic systems controlled manually via the computer's control...

Is AI the next frontier in Pharma?

The traditional pharmaceutical environment is plagued with expensive and lengthy drug discovery cycles coupled with pricing pressure by both payers and consumers. As payers...
UVC disinfection robots

UVC disinfection robots: What you need to know

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed an increasing demand for service robots as a substitute for humans to conduct various types of work, including diagnosis,...
Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery vs. computer-assisted surgery (CAS)

A surgical robot is a computer-controlled manipulator with artiļ¬cial sensing reprogrammed to move and position tools to carry out surgical tasks. It assists the...
medical device

Medical device market – How to stay ahead?

The medical device industry is expected to grow steadily, with global annual sales rising by more than 5% per year to nearly US$800 billion...

Drones in healthcare – Aiding medical supply chain

The impact of the current COVID-19 crisis has created new unforeseen opportunities for the use of services in healthcare beyond search and rescue. The...

Top five tools for game developers

Developing games is a tough process. From solo and indie to big-league developers, the tools and practices of making great games can vary. Larger...