Healthcare & Sports

Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform healthcare and sports.


Active vs. passive exoskeletons explained

The proper functioning of the limbs in our human body plays a fundamental role in health. Significant motor difficulties appear when these limbs are...

How Machine Learning (ML) is used in iGaming

The advent of technology has spurred revolutions in nearly every industry today. When we mention technology here, we refer to all its various branches,...

Interview with Richard Russo, Jr., interim CEO and CFO of BIONIK

Leading robotics company BIONIK, focusing on providing rehabilitation and assistive technology solutions to people with neurological and mobility challenges, is on the news once...

Sonolithography – Shaping the future of printing with sound

3D printing really came into its own over the last decade, becoming more widespread and affordable, with a healthy online community as well as...
Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) explained

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a powerful communication tool that allows a human to control a computer, peripheral, or other electronic devices with thought. It...
medical surgery

Innovations in robotics revolutionize medical surgery

In the modern era, technological advancements in the medical industry have made their way to numerous inventions, and the surgical robot is one of...
mobile phones

9 negative effects of mobile phones on our health

In today’s fast-moving world, it is almost impossible to imagine our day-to-day life without mobile phones. Although mobile phones have been in extensive use...
Medical device

Medical device technologies and their impact on healthcare

According to estimates, the medical device industry will grow steadily, with global annual sales rising by more than 5% per year to nearly US$800...
Robotic telesurgery

Robotic telesurgery – Benefits, and challenges

Robotic telesurgery is an emerging surgical system that utilizes wireless networking and robotic technology to allow surgeons to operate on distantly located patients. It overcomes...
artificial intelligence

Will AI replace or supplement human doctors?

For several years, artificial intelligence (AI) has played an increasingly important role in medicine for risk stratification, imaging and diagnosis, genomics, precision medicine, and...