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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform hospitality and retail

Order Management

5 advantages of an Order Management System

An order management system aims to manage the partnerships, people, and procedures needed to fulfill orders. An integrated order management system has endless advantages for...

Using AI in the retail industry: Use cases in 2023 [Updated]

Today, retailers are already experiencing the many benefits of using Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will only continue gaining more importance as the industry continues...

Conversational AI or chatbots for restaurants – The future

Conversational AI or chatbot is a group of technologies that allows the computer program to understand and participate in spoken or written human conversations....

AI in retail – Delivering a better shopping experience

In key parts of the value chain, AI, machine learning, and robotics are already being used by retailers. Most importantly, AI technologies have the...

Service robots in hospitality and tourism – The impact

The application of technology in tourism and hospitality services is growing each day. Using robots in hospitality establishments is becoming more and more popular,...

Why are more warehouses embracing more robots?

The warehousing industry is facing a major labor shortage and significantly elevated demand at the same time. Around the world, warehouses are both running...

Online shopping: Privacy and security tips

Global lockdown, social distancing, and other health measures, which were introduced to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, have completely altered customers’ purchasing...

Intelligent automation in foodservice: Interview with Miso Robotics’ CEO Mike Bell

The foodservice industry has witnessed a major disruption recently in the wake of lockdowns and economic slowdown, triggered by an unprecedented global health crisis...
smart factory

Implementing an IoT platform in a smart factory – Three approaches

Transforming a legacy manufacturing unit to a smart factory is the new trend in this age of digital disruption. A smart factory creates an...

The Underworld of Sneaker Resellers – How automation works!

It’s no secret that some people are crazy about sneakers. There are avid collectors out there paying a lot of money for limited-edition models,...