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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform hospitality and retail


Intelligent automation in foodservice: Interview with Miso Robotics’ CEO Mike Bell

The foodservice industry has witnessed a major disruption recently in the wake of lockdowns and economic slowdown, triggered by an unprecedented global health crisis...
smart factory

Implementing an IoT platform in a smart factory – Three approaches

Transforming a legacy manufacturing unit to a smart factory is the new trend in this age of digital disruption. A smart factory creates an...

Cybersecurity while traveling – Staying secure on the go

Cybersecurity is not confined to our homes, offices, or classrooms. The digital landscape extends to our mobile devices, which are a constant companion, especially...

How is AI and automation being used in bars and restaurants

Embracing the future has never tasted so good. As technology continues to stake its claim in the dining setting, the influence of artificial intelligence...

Walmart is hiring robots to replace humans for lower-level jobs

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, brings nearly 5,000 robots to its 11,348 stores. According to reports, Walmart wants store workers to help clients instead...

The Underworld of Sneaker Resellers – How automation works!

It’s no secret that some people are crazy about sneakers. There are avid collectors out there paying a lot of money for limited-edition models,...
retail automation

Transforming retail with robotics-as-a-service (RaaS)

Today, robots have moved beyond traditional jobs such as assembling parts in the automobile and manufacturing industries. Robots are slowly becoming ubiquitous from the...

Associated Food Stores partners with CB4 to bring AI into stores

Associated Food Stores and CB4 announce partnership to improve in-store customer experience with artificial intelligence. Today Associated Food Stores (AFS) joined the growing list of...

5 common hotel automation challenges and their solutions

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in the hospitality sector have been actively seeking innovative and creative ways to gain an all-important edge in...

Service robots in hospitality and tourism – The impact

The application of technology in tourism and hospitality services is growing each day. Using robots in hospitality establishments is becoming more and more popular,...