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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform logistics and other industries.


How often do robots need preventative maintenance?

Throughout the United States, we find robots performing dangerous and distasteful jobs that only present risk and boredom for human workers. Robots are used...
Maritime Informatics

Maritime Informatics – A powerful tool to improve decision-making

Smart sensor technologies and digitization of information are transforming the world we live today, including the shipping industry, which handles about 90% of the...

Top features of best GPS tracking systems

A GPS tracking system is a device that uses the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network to determine the exact location of a vehicle,...

The best ways to maintain industrial robots

A company won’t get the most out of its robotics investments if there aren’t any people within the workforce who know how to maintain...

READY Robotics introduces industrial robotic programming and control

READY Robotics, a leading developer and supplier of innovative automation designed for a wide range of tasks, has introduced the Forge suite of products,...

Loadsmart, Starsky Robotics complete the first autonomous truck delivery

Trucking is the backbone of the American economy, moving 70% of all freight. However, due to the estimated 60,000 driver shortage of ATA, many...
CNC Milling Services

Tips to know when preparing CAD model for CNC milling

Before a designer can bring his design to life, the sketch of the model needs to be prepared in any of the CAD/CAM software....

AI Captain – A new marine AI to navigate ships at sea autonomously

Marine research organization Promare, along with IBM, is all set to start the sea trials of 'AI Captain,' a new marine which enables the...
Air Taxi

Air Taxi Services (ATS) – Potential benefits and risks

Urban transportation worldwide faces the challenge of traffic congestion. High population density and increased privately-owned vehicles are the two major reasons behind traffic congestion...

Six reasons why the world is moving towards autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles – whether for personal transportation or freight delivery – could potentially disrupt life, business, and society enormously. The possible benefits include reductions...