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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform logistics and other industries.


Pros and cons of autonomous drone delivery services

Our cities are growing at a scale that no one can ever imagine! Unfortunately, this rapid urbanization has several negative implications: congested roads, pollution,...

Six reasons why the world is moving towards autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles – whether for personal transportation or freight delivery – could potentially disrupt life, business, and society enormously. The possible benefits include reductions...

How to build fully automated warehouses with robot controllers

Lifting heavy boxes is probably the most challenging task in warehouse logistics. There are a lot of companies looking for truck unloading systems. Luckily,...

Robotics in logistics – Exploring the future and beyond

Automation in logistics traditionally focuses on highly standardized processes, such as goods-to-picker models, working with standard pallet sizes and marked routes. Progress in vision...

Loadsmart, Starsky Robotics complete the first autonomous truck delivery

Trucking is the backbone of the American economy, moving 70% of all freight. However, due to the estimated 60,000 driver shortage of ATA, many...

Advantages and disadvantages of warehouse robots

Numerous processes need to be carried out steadily in a warehouse to ensure efficient order fulfillment. As technology progresses, business managers use apps, digital...

Valqari launches a first Smart Mailbox for drone deliveries

In a 2013 "60 Minutes" interview, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicted drones would deliver goods to our homes by 2019, but the plan has...

READY Robotics introduces industrial robotic programming and control

READY Robotics, a leading developer and supplier of innovative automation designed for a wide range of tasks, has introduced the Forge suite of products,...

Honeywell announces fully automated robotic unloader for distribution centers

Honeywell announced a new automated robotic solution for unloading a wide range of packages from truck trailers and shipping containers at distribution centers. The robotic...

World’s first AI-powered AR platform for industrial companies

Augmentir, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software for industrial companies, has announced the general availability of its Augmented Operations™ platform. The first of its...