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In this section, we cover various markets in robotics.


Vehicle tracking system: Is it a necessity or luxury?

Vehicle security is a big concern for all vehicle owners. Tracking vehicles is a big challenge for logistics companies due to increased road traffic,...
Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery vs. computer-assisted surgery (CAS)

A surgical robot is a computer-controlled manipulator with artificial sensing reprogrammed to move and position tools to carry out surgical tasks. It assists the...

How to protect your home wireless network?

The Wireless LAN, also known as WLAN, is a popular way to connect devices such as computers. It is an alternative way of communication...

RaaS for warehouses: Interview with Lior Elazary, CEO of inVia Robotics

In light of an international supply chain crisis and ongoing labor shortage followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, warehouses can barely hold on with peak...

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for factory floors: Key driving factors

The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market has been heavily driven by logistics customers. So much so that the image of an AMR gliding round...

Technology upgrades your business needs in 2022

If you’re running a business, keeping up with the latest in tech is a must. There can be a million gadgets out there making...
medical device

Medical device market – How to stay ahead?

The medical device industry is expected to grow steadily, with global annual sales rising by more than 5% per year to nearly US$800 billion...

Robotics paving the way for manufacturing despite pandemic constraints

It goes without saying that the ongoing global health crisis has completely changed most, if not all, industries around the world – including manufacturing. For...

Online shopping: Privacy and security tips

Global lockdown, social distancing, and other health measures, which were introduced to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, have completely altered customers’ purchasing...
cyber forensics

What is cyber forensics? How does it work?

Cyber forensics (also known as computer forensics) is a branch of science that deals with tools and techniques to investigate digital data to find...