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In this section, we cover various markets in robotics.


Top challenges of robotics in precision agriculture: Digitalization & Automation

Today, after 20 years of research in precision agriculture, there are many types of sensors for recording agronomically relevant parameters and many farm management...

Food chain: 5 key challenges in Robotics and Autonomous Systems in UK

Agri-Food is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. It supports a food chain with over £ 108 billion in turnover, 3.9 million in a truly...

Crop Care – 6 ways robots are used in agriculture

Robot farming is not a new idea. Many engineers have developed driverless tractors in the past, but they weren’t successful because they couldn’t embrace...

Advantages and disadvantages of warehouse robots

Numerous processes need to be carried out steadily in a warehouse to ensure efficient order fulfillment. As technology progresses, business managers use apps, digital...

7 hotel brands that lead the hospitality sector using robots

The use of robots in the hospitality industry is increasing, ranging from artificially intelligent chatbots to robot assistants designed to support the customer service...

8 ethical issues in the use of robots in healthcare

To date, ethical factors do not seem to be a significant hindrance to robotic developments in healthcare. The experts suggest that this is because...

Three technical challenges of building robot tutors

Demographic and economic factors drive technological support in education. Shrinking school budgets, increasing student numbers per classroom, and demanding greater curriculum customization for children...

Emerging technologies and the future of military robotics

Military robots have existed in one way or another for well over a hundred years. The earliest examples include mines, torpedoes, and early-guided munitions....

5 robotics and autonomous challenges in agriculture

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) can revolutionize all agricultural sectors. Their contribution will vary in nature from crop, animal, and aquaculture to primary production...

Top 10 companies using Artificial Intelligence in mental health

Mental illness affects 15.5% of the global population. What’s the worst? Mental health conditions are rising, with some estimates putting the cost to the...