Objectway unveils its Financial Chatbot

Financial software and digital solutions provider Objectway has launched a chatbot that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to answer users’ wealth management questions.

The chatbot, designed with the specific requirements of the financial sector in mind, uses Natural Language Processing (NLP to keep the interactions clear and simple and to reduce the complexity.

Moreover, the bot acts in a reactive manner, answering the user’s questions and implementing their requests. The chatbot avoids requesting information already in its possession, recognising, for example, the beneficiaries of bank transfers. It is also able to manage word disambiguation by asking further questions.

“In addition to this conversational agent, we are working to support the advisory activity with predictive analytics,” explained Georgios Lekkas, Objectway Chief Product Officer. “In the wealth segment, automation must support service customisation, in an area where the ability of artificial intelligence to justify the suggestions provided and the advisor’s relationship with the customer remain fundamental.”

Developed in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the University of Bari Aldo Moro, the Objectway project is aimed to implement a new service model in the world of financial institutions that uses artificial intelligence to deliver information and implement orders through a conversational agent. The chatbot was unveiled at Ital-IA in Rome, the first national Inter-university Consortium for Computer Science (CINI) conference on AI.