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Worx Landroid M WG794

Worx Landroid M WG794 is a pre-programmable robotic mower with “AIA” (artificial intelligence algorithm) for intricate cuts and navigate narrow passages. It has a user-friendly control panel with fully automated mowing system & programmable timer.



This is a small, lightweight robot designed to cover 13,000 square feet of lawns. This robot lawn mower is powered by a single 28-volt lithium-ion battery and requires recharge after 45-60 minutes. The base station can charge the battery in just 45 minutes after the mower returns automatically and “plugs itself in.”

This pre-programmed and fully automated mower is virtually silent when working, can handle 20 ° slopes, has several security features including a PIN number needed to start operation, enables you to move the easy-to-change blades to different height positions and is simple.

The Landroid has a cool feature – “AIA” (artificial intelligence algorithm) that directs the mower to make intricate cuts and navigate narrow passages. It can also randomly cut different areas of the lawn to avoid patterns, detect the height of each grass section to adjust the mowing height accordingly, and even go back to base when it starts raining. Landroid uses an obstacle-moving shock sensor system.

Additional information


28-volt lithium-ion, rechargeable

Run time

45-60 minutes

Charge time

45 minutes

Minimum/maximum cutting height

1.6 to 4 inches

Maximum slope

20 degrees / 36%

Deck width

9.5 inches


19 pounds


Three years