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Why do small businesses fail? 7 reasons you need to know

Creating a tech startup is a big step and takes a lot of investment – both in time and money. It’s great to read...
debt free

Best financial plans to lead a debt-free life

Dealing with debts can be stressful. Therefore managing your finances is essential. Without proper financial management, many people lead their lives from paycheck to...
IT support

How important is IT support for small businesses?

The world has come to a time when technology keeps moving forward. While an individual can resort to not using any technology, IT support...

Top 5 services for businesses to save time and resources

How can you save your business from all the tedious, repetitive manual tasks? Luckily, your problems can have a technological solution, and many companies...

How startups can ensure mobile app growth in 2021 – An ultimate guide

A few years ago, we developed a mobile app to help teen drivers earn their licenses, and the app is still in growth mode...
project management

Top financial tools in project management for startups

Managing a startup is not easy. You probably have to work around a small budget and limited resources. Entrepreneurs love the unpredictability any new...

Marketing Automation – Metadata.io launches AI-powered account-based advertising platform

The limitations of today's digital marketing automation and advertising are quite simple – if you don't have large teams or hefty agency support the...

Five proven ways to increase your internet speed

Your internet connection is the root of all of your home operations, and if its speed suffers, your life may collapse. You may be in...

Top 16 hottest robotics startups to watch in 2019

Imagine a robot that can do things in the real world with his hands — from defusing a bomb to laundry! It has been...

Precision agriculture – Knowing the main protagonists

Agriculture touches everyone's life like few other industries. Farming is central to every nation's well-being since food and water are basic necessities. Whether the...