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Three easy-to-set-up business ideas for your startup

We come in an era where doing business has become excessively easy, which is a good thing. You can operate whole multi-million dollar empires...

Startup tips: 4 reasons why you have to solidify your brand

Making your brand strong is one of the basic essentials as far as hitting business success is concerned. You have to keep in mind...
cloud automation

Top 5 marketing automation tools for startups

Marketing automation aims to close the gap between personalized marketing and effective marketing actions. Many potential customers can be reached with personalized messages by...
workforce management

5 best workforce management software for startups

Workforce management is an essential task that any business leader should master. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult things you have to...

Agerris raises $6.5m for smart farming robots

Agerris, an agricultural robotics start-up born out of research at the University of Sydney, has received a $6.5 million investment from Australia's longest running...

Why does every startup need a website? Top web development quotes

Why is having a website important to any business, especially a startup? The main answer lies in that today’s business landscape has changed. Information...

Top 10 tech giants to acquire most AI startups since 2009

Technology giants such as Google, IBM, Apple, and Facebook are in a tight race to acquire the most promising AI startups, since 2009. They...
employee training

Why employee training and development are essential for startups?

While building an exceptionally skilled team encompassing members with unique talents and capabilities is crucial for businesses, it isn’t enough. You also need to...
Knowledge Base Software

5 best Knowledge Base Software solutions for small businesses

It’s 2021, and having random paperwork scattered around isn’t going to cut anymore. Earlier, storing corporate information in multiple folders, computers, applications, platforms, and...

4 ways to secure funding for your manufacturing startup

Starting a small manufacturing business has never been easier than it is today! Thanks to the Internet, manufacturing can now be a very profitable...