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In this section, RoboticsBiz covers all technology aspects of robotics from its design, development, deployment etc.

ev charging

Electric vehicle (EV) charging – Key emerging trends

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent a growing opportunity to capture new sources of demand flexibility while increasing revenue from a customer class that will grow...
spine surgery

Telesurgery and surgical robotics – 7 predictions for 2022

Surgery has evolved from open surgery to robotic surgery, which is in continuous development, proving to be a better therapeutic option in certain procedures...
machine learning

9 potential AI applications of machine learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capability of a machine or computer to emulate human tasks through learning and automation. AI is a rapidly growing...
Machine vision

Top 4 industrial applications of machine vision

Machine vision is useful for all industrial and non-industrial applications. A combination of hardware and software provides operational guidance to devices in executing their...

Large and micro defense drones for military operations

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), have reshaped modern warfare by allowing militaries to engage enemies precisely and gather intelligence without putting their soldiers'...

9 best apps for drone pilots for drone photography

Are you looking for apps that will help you become a better drone pilot and aerial photographer? A quick search reveals that the number...

5 best practices to realize the true potential of RPA

RPA initiatives often begin outside IT, with a business organization driving the technology adoption for its purposes. In many cases, too, there is a...

Types of AI attacks against AI systems and best practices

Traditional cyberattacks generally exploit bugs or intentional and unintentional human mistakes in code. Classic cybersecurity attacks mainly aim to steal data (extraction) and disrupt...

Seven technologies that underpinnings artificial intelligence (AI)

The recent successes of artificial intelligence (AI) have captured the wildest imagination of both the scientific communities and the general public. AI amplifies human...
Remote Pilot

Drone insurance – How to be safe in case of an accident

According to EU regulations, every drone, weighing more than 20 kilograms must be insured. Even though insurance isn’t required for most open-class drones, it’s...