Artificial Intelligence

From smartphones to chatbots, artificial intelligence is everywhere! The momentum behind AI is building, partly thanks to the massive amounts of data that computers can collect every day about our likes, purchases, and movements. Here, we will explore how artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the coming years.


Barriers of AI adoption in low-income countries

With breakthroughs in cheap computing power, cloud services, big data, and advancements in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) automates functions and enables new...
cyber threats

Current 2022 risks in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rapid evolution of AI has made it a critical aspect of business across all industries. We often hear about the benefits of AI...
Smart Manufacturing

AI in manufacturing: Smarter, nimbler, and less prone to error

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications, ranging from virtual assistants to advanced robotics, are on the verge of disrupting end-to-end value chains in manufacturing as demand...

8 reasons why Python is a better language for AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capture more attention from everywhere with each passing day. Who would have imagined that a self-driving vehicle...

Why artificial intelligence (AI) is the new digital frontier

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the verge of causing the next wave of digital disruption, and businesses should get ready now. We can already...

AI in education – Virtual and personalized teaching

For decades, people have debated how to use technology to revolutionize education, whether by “gamifying” instructional materials or expanding access to knowledge through massive...
electric utility

How AI and robotics transform the future of electric utilities

The electric utility sector has great potential to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. Machine learning, robotics, and automation can help electric...

Types of AI attacks against AI systems and best practices

Traditional cyberattacks generally exploit bugs or intentional and unintentional human mistakes in code. Classic cybersecurity attacks mainly aim to steal data (extraction) and disrupt...

Seven technologies that underpinnings artificial intelligence (AI)

The recent successes of artificial intelligence (AI) have captured the wildest imagination of both the scientific communities and the general public. AI amplifies human...

Using AI to achieve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions

The drive is on across the world to reduce our carbon emissions and move toward a net-zero future to mitigate the effects of climate...