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Automation refers to an array of technologies to control and monitor processes without human intervention. It replaces tedious, repetitive manual work. In this space, we will explore how automation is revolutionizing manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities, operations, and lately, information technology.


Advantages of service delivery automation (SDA)

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, automation has become a game-changer for organizations across various industries. Service delivery automation (SDA) is a technology that...
data preparation

Self-service data preparation: Key requirements

Data transformation plays a pivotal role in enabling professionals to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of data. However, the traditional manual workflows associated...
CNC machining

Should your business invest in CNC machining?

Industry 4.0 has been underway for a while — a new industrial sector with more significant potential and efficiency while leveraging automation and robots....
automated milking systems

How automated milking systems (AMS) ensure productivity, and animal welfare

In conventional dairy systems, there are several challenges related to the welfare of dairy animals during milking. Dairy cows can experience discomfort and pain...
smart home

Six trends shaping the future of smart home technology

The smart home market has evolved significantly in recent years, with smart home technology progressing from low and high-frequency to high-frequency data rates. The advancement...

6 best email marketing software for your coaching business

Your coaching business may be changing people’s lives, but do you know how to lead your business to better success? Yes, you’re using your...
test coverage

Advanced NestJS Testing: Techniques and strategies for comprehensive test coverage

NestJS is a robust Node.js framework that allows you to build scalable and maintainable web applications. Testing is crucial to developing any software application,...

9 best ways to automate your investing strategies

Automating your investments is one of the best tactics for saving and investing for the future. Your employer, bank, or investment business (or a...
civil engineering

Automation in civil engineering – Key benefits

Automation in civil engineering refers to the processes, equipment, and tools that use automated workflows to build infrastructure. In some instances, tools are used...
marketing automation

Using marketing automation as a startup

Using marketing automation as a startup is an excellent way to get a foothold in the business world. With this, you can track your customers'...