A subfield of AI, robotics, and information engineering, autonomous refers to our technological capability to perform tasks with a high degree of autonomy, without external influence. This space will explore the possibilities of various autonomous systems like robots and self-driving cars, capable of sensing and adapting to its changing surroundings.


Autonomous vehicles – Guidance for the state, and local agencies

Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology offers a high possibility of fundamentally changing transportation. Unlike conventional driving that is responsible for substantial costs borne by the...
Shared mobility

Shared mobility – Top 20 reports and papers you must read

Globally, shared mobility is on an upward trend, exhibiting significant growth in all major regions over the past several years. This innovative transportation strategy...

Must-read reports on safety and security in autonomous vehicles

Safety and security are among the primary requirements of autonomous and high automation vehicles. Why? Because an autonomous driving system (or driving automation system...

Neuralink – A step closer to human-machine symbiosis

For thousands of years, we have been pushing the limits, watching the final frontier of our abilities move further and further. But as wise...

How autonomous vehicles will change car ownership

Our desire to go anywhere and anytime we want has been a powerful market force in the automotive industry for decades. That is the...

StradVision’s CEO Junhwan Kim talks about driver-assistance technologies

StradVision is a pioneer and innovator in vision processing technology for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance. Its AI-based camera perception software allows Advanced...

Impacts of Driver Assistance Systems on driver behavior

In our increasingly technology-assisted mobile world, more and more road vehicles come with built-in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that can potentially augment driver...
Driver Assistance

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – Common features

Since the 1990s, the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) has been a rapidly growing technology in the automotive industry. It has become increasingly prevalent...

Autonomous Vehicles Readiness – Things road agencies must do!

Connected and autonomous vehicle technologies have the potential to change transportation on a global scale. They can improve safety, significantly alter transportation costs, change...

Autonomous vehicles – Implications for highway infrastructure

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to reshape transportation for the better. Their safety improvements are a potential boon to public health and safety since...