A subfield of AI, robotics, and information engineering, autonomous refers to our technological capability to perform tasks with a high degree of autonomy, without external influence. This space will explore the possibilities of various autonomous systems like robots and self-driving cars, capable of sensing and adapting to its changing surroundings.

Four reasons to ban lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS)

LAWS (lethal autonomous weapon systems), also called “killer robots”, is a special kind of weapon that uses sensors and algorithms to autonomously identify, engage,...

Six reasons why the world is moving towards autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles – whether for personal transportation or freight delivery – could potentially disrupt life, business, and society enormously. The possible benefits include reductions...

Loadsmart, Starsky Robotics complete the first autonomous truck delivery

Trucking is the backbone of the American economy, moving 70% of all freight. However, due to the estimated 60,000 driver shortage of ATA, many...

Top wireless technologies used in autonomous vehicles

All autonomous vehicles require continuous, real-time, wireless connectivity to communicate between users and many sensors and devices. It is critical to enabling crash prevention,...

6 best stocks to invest in self-driving (autonomous) cars

The world of autonomous cars is incredible. These driverless cars are entering our everyday life and can transform the transportation of people and goods...

Autonomous tech: 4 key definitions from the US legislation

Interest in driverless cars has led to a flurry of recent legislative activity. Nevada was the first state to authorize the operation of autonomous...
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Do you know the five levels of autonomous cars?

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) have enormous potential to allow more productive time spent in a vehicle and reduce crashes, congestion costs, energy consumption, and pollution....

Top 7 challenges that autonomous vehicles still have to overcome

Over the past few decades, autonomous vehicles have made a lot of hype. Although we see many experiments being carried out on driverless vehicles...

Bioengineers create a robot that navigates inside body autonomously

For over a decade, surgeons have been using joystick-operated robots to navigate inside the body. But for the first time, a team of bioengineers...

Autonomous Golf Cart engineered by Cedarville University students

Golfers often work on drive. But a group of computer engineering students at Cedarville University take that focus to a whole new level. Three computer...