Cloud computing deals with the on-demand availability of computer system resources, such as data centers, data storage (cloud storage), and computing power. In this space, we will discuss various trends and hot topics in the cloud market, such as hybrid cloud, automation, security, reliability, and regulations.

Google Cloud uses Anthos and AutoML to differentiate itself

Google Cloud now uses Anthos and AutoML to distinguish itself from market leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, chief AI scientist Andrew...

Companies begin to put mission-critical apps in Cloud. Why?

For the first time, a majority of companies are putting mission critical apps in the cloud, according to the latest report released today by Cloud Foundry Foundation,...

14 major Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage you should know

Cloud computing can undoubtedly benefit companies enormously. Cloud storage refers to data residing on a removed storage device accessed via server. Cloud data storage...
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10 easy tips to reduce cloud costs in 2022 [Updated]

In 2018, Gartner estimated more than 80% of organizations would exceed their IaaS cloud costs. Other cloud service costs may follow suit. Overcoming cloud budgets...

Google unveils Cloud Robotics Platform for developers

Google Cloud has unveiled what it calls a "Cloud Robotics" service for next year's commercial launch. The search giant says the initiative represents "a...

8 security benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing has more to offer than ever before to companies and individuals. Cloud security, as well as security as a service (SECaaS), is...

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Everything you need to know

From a technological and Internet point of view, cloud computing is not new or too complicated. What’s new is the growth and maturity of...

Pros and cons of using Hybrid Cloud at your business

The hybrid cloud became popular with more companies and organizations looking to integrate cloud computing into their IT infrastructure. This article examines whether the...

Top 20 cloud computing startups you need to know

The cloud market grows significantly as more companies realize the Cloud’s power and untapped potential. The market is expected to grow by $696.25bn by...

5 biggest cloud computing vendors in the world

A significant change in our industry is the upcoming shift to cloud computing. The advent of cloud platforms is one of the most essential...