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Sensors are sophisticated devices capable of detecting or responding to electrical or optical signals. They convert physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, speed, etc. into a signal that can be measured electronically. In this section, we will discuss sensors and how they revolutionize so many other technologies.

High-speed camera market expected to garner $694.8 Mn by 2025

The increasing usage of high-speed cameras in automotive, transportation, sports and thermal imaging applications drive is set to drive the growth of the global...

Top features of sensors used in wearable devices

Wearable devices use all kinds of sensors, depending on the application. Manufacturers worldwide produce sensors because they are an essential part of all wearable...
Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) explained

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a powerful communication tool that allows a human to control a computer, peripheral, or other electronic devices with thought. It...

A brief introduction to night vision technology

The current use of the term “Night Vision technology” refers to three distinct technologies – Generation Zero, Thermal Imaging and Image Intensification. Generation Zero equipment...
Vein Scanner

Vein scanner for venipuncture: Is it a game-changer?

Venipuncture can be a daunting and anxiety-inducing experience for patients, especially the ones with hard-to-find veins. The myriad of new technology available in the...

MXene based actuators – Breakthrough in artificial muscle technology

In robotics, an actuator is the robotic equivalent of a muscle that can move. The actuator uses a stimulus like electricity to expand, contract,...

Brain-computer interface (BCI) – First minimally-invasive human implantation

More than 50 million people in advanced economies live with impaired mobility or amputations. Brain-computer interface (BCI) has the potential to improve their ability...

H-1 Robot – First autonomous humanoid robot with artificial skin

Artificial robot skin has been of great interest to scientists since the early days of robotics. The goal was to enable robots with a...

Top 12 eye-tracking technology companies in the world

Most people with severe disabilities suffer from difficulties in doing simple things at home, such as turning on or off a light, fan, television,...

Three ways eye-tracking helps law enforcement in preventing crime

The feats of technology never cease to amaze us. From the invention of the telephone in the 1800s to the invention of today’s artificially...