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Sensors are sophisticated devices capable of detecting or responding to electrical or optical signals. They convert physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, speed, etc. into a signal that can be measured electronically. In this section, we will discuss sensors and how they revolutionize so many other technologies.

Raspberry Pi

Best single-board computers (SBC) for robotics projects

Single-board computers (SBC) have come a long way since the “dyna-micro” premiered in Radio-Electronics Magazine in 1976. They are now found everywhere in a...

Understanding the types of gears in mechanical systems

A gear is a vital component within machinery, characterized by its toothed cylindrical or roller-shaped design. Its primary function is to engage with another...

Computer Vision – FABU improves object recognition and image classification

FABU Technology, a leading artificial intelligence company focused on intelligent driving systems, has announced the Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) -- a custom module in...
battery swapping

Pros and cons of battery swapping technologies

Battery swapping offers a plug-and-play solution for charging the battery of an electric vehicle (EV). It involves switching out a depleted battery for a...

Busting myths about biometric identification and authentication

Biometric authentication is an automated method of identifying or verifying a living person's identity in real-time, based on distinctive personal traits or physiological characteristics,...
Core cutting machines

Core cutting machines: What they do, and why you need one

In some industries, you’ll run into specific terms you might not know if you don’t work in that particular niche. For instance, you might...
medical device

Medical device market – How to stay ahead?

The medical device industry is expected to grow steadily, with global annual sales rising by more than 5% per year to nearly US$800 billion...
fast charging

Battery fast charging in EVs – Key challenges to overcome

Fully battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) are the most popular green vehicles worldwide. Relatively long charging time is arguably one of the most difficult and...

Iris Recognition explained with Pros and Cons!

Iris Recognition is the most reliable and accurate biometric identification system available today! You can see it very commonly used in futuristic electronic devices like...

High-speed camera market expected to garner $694.8 Mn by 2025

The increasing usage of high-speed cameras in automotive, transportation, sports and thermal imaging applications drive is set to drive the growth of the global...