Hardware & Sensors

Sensors are sophisticated devices capable of detecting or responding to electrical or optical signals. They convert physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, speed, etc. into a signal that can be measured electronically. In this section, we will discuss sensors and how they revolutionize so many other technologies.


Smart sensors – Characteristics and applications

Smart sensors are one of the most notable recent technological developments due to their potential significance and a broad range of potential applications. Ordinary...

The rise of indoor positioning systems (IPS)

As people travel to new places daily, remembering every route is tedious. But with the advent of positioning technology such as GPS (Global Positioning...
smart factory

Key sensing technologies in a smart factory

The smart factory is a system that can run entire production processes autonomously, self-optimize performance across a larger network, and self-adapt to and learns...

Types of exteroceptive sensors for mobile robots

Since mobile robots are constantly moving in the environment, they depend heavily on exteroceptive sensors, which concentrate on a central task for the robot,...

Types of proprioceptive sensors for mobile robots

For safe navigation, a mobile robot must acquire information about its state and environment. This is done by doing measurements with devices called sensors....
QR code

QR code security risks – Best practices to mitigate vulnerabilities

QR (quick response) codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can encode various kinds of data. A growing number of fields of application are using QR...
GPS Tracking

7 best software for Fleet Management and GPS Tracking

Fleet tracking systems using GPS technology have wide applications in transportation industries, such as trucking and car services. It helps monitor company assets, including...
smart home

How to bring your Smart Home up to genius level

Advancements in technology have made life easier compared to how it was before. Today, you can add a lot of digitized devices to your...

How semiconductor shortage is changing product design—for the better

When it comes to product design, changes in the semiconductor industry have a significant impact. And the current shortage of chips is also leading...

Robotics, automation, and importance of Slip Rings

Robotics and automation are two very similar terms that are used interchangeably, but there are small differences, yet both industries benefit from using slip...