Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning provides systems the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. This section focuses on new trends, predictions, computer models, and algorithms used in various applications, such as email filtering and computer vision.


Cleaning data in Spreadsheets: Risks and tips

The data cleaning process can be done using different techniques and software. Using spreadsheets such as Excel is one of them. Spreadsheet tools are quite...
data cleaning

Top 5 benefits of effective data cleaning

Organizations rely on data for various reasons, but only a small percentage of them actively address data quality. Whether it's ensuring the accuracy of...
Speech Recognition

History of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) or voice recognition is a process that uses a computer program to convert a speech signal into a sequence of...
Speech Recognition

Top automatic speech recognition (ASR) methodologies

For human beings, speech is the most natural mode of communication. Speech recognition is the process of using a computer program to convert speech...
Quantum Machine Learning

What is Quantum Machine Learning (QML)?

One of the big bottlenecks in the current machine learning research is classical computational power limits. The amount of data generated every day is...

Deep learning vs. traditional computer vision – A comparison

Deep Learning (DL) is used in digital image processing to solve difficult problems (e.g., image colorization, classification, segmentation, and detection). Deep learning methods like...
computer vision

Five key components of a machine vision system

Machine vision comprises using computer vision for all industrial and non-industrial applications. While computer vision is primarily concerned with image processing on a hardware...

Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and 5G in industrial manufacturing

Combining two distinct technologies - 5G and machine learning (ML), opens the doors to many exciting industrial applications, especially in today’s communication landscape. This unprecedented...
machine learning

9 potential AI applications of machine learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the capability of a machine or computer to emulate human tasks through learning and automation. AI is a rapidly growing...
Machine vision

Top 4 industrial applications of machine vision

Machine vision is useful for all industrial and non-industrial applications. A combination of hardware and software provides operational guidance to devices in executing their...