Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning provides systems the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. This section focuses on new trends, predictions, computer models, and algorithms used in various applications, such as email filtering and computer vision.

machine learning

Long term research questions in machine learning (ML)

Over the last 50 years, machine learning (ML) has evolved from a small group of computer scientists who wanted to see if computers could...
machine learning

Machine Learning: A key component in business transformation

Machine learning (ML) is experiencing an unprecedented boom in several academic and business fields and is an important lever for transformation in the business...
Web Scraping

Web Scraping: Basics, benefits and business cases

The internet is a gold mine of information that’s just waiting on you to take it. Whether you need data on sports stats, product...
scientific research

Machine Learning (ML) in scientific research

Processing large amounts of data generated in scientific fields such as particle physics, astronomy, biology, physics, medicine, the life sciences, and more is part...
ai machine learning

Why most people are afraid of machine learning (ML)?

There is a vast amount of potential benefits from machine learning (ML) uptake across industry sectors. The economic effects of this powerful technology can...

How Machine Learning (ML) is used in iGaming

The advent of technology has spurred revolutions in nearly every industry today. When we mention technology here, we refer to all its various branches,...
Video Analysis

What is Intelligent Video Analysis? Explained!

How has your video security system been working out? If you’re running multiple sites with independent video systems, it can be a challenge. There’s only...
machine vision

The impact of Machine Vision applications

Due to its speed, accuracy, and repeatability, machine vision excels in the quantitative measurement of a structured scene. In contrast, human vision excels at...
App Development

App Development Checklist: Everything you need to do

The right way to start creating your application is by following an app development checklist that keeps you organized and pretty much on schedule....
3D vision

Industrial applications of 3D Vision in Robotics – Today and Tomorrow

A revolution is taking place in robotics, and it’s just getting started. The revolution is driven by 3D vision, which is exponentially increasing innovation...