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Three types of nanorobots in medicine explained

Nanorobotics is a new branch of nanotechnology that focuses on designing and fabricating devices at the atomic, molecular, and cellular levels. The ability to...
military drone

Top 13 military drone manufacturers in the world

Military drones are remotely-piloted, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) used for monitoring, mapping, target acquisition, intelligence, battle damage management, and surveillance. These drones have been a...

How drones flight is affected by the weather

Weather can pose a greater risk to drones, and therefore, you must have extra awareness about how the weather and meteorological conditions can affect...

How are robots helping scale eCommerce fulfillment to meet demand?

The number of people choosing to shop online has climbed steadily over the years. Statistics show there were 1.32 billion people buying things online...

How to choose the right RPA vendor?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology anyone can use to automate manual tasks and business processes. The advantages of RPA are immediately...
marketing automation

Five steps to get started with marketing automation

Marketing automation is a technology that helps businesses of every size improve prospecting, customer acquisition, lead nurturing, cross-selling, upselling, and many other aspects of...
robotic arm

Different types of robotic arms explained

Nowadays, robotic arms are being used in industries to minimize human errors and increase the efficiency, productivity, precision of operations. A robotic arm is a...
robot safety

Robot safety – Types and sources of accidents

Robots differ significantly from other machines and equipment in terms of operating. They are capable of high-energy, fast, or powerful movements through a large...

Nanorobots – Key components and substructures

Nanorobotics is a new, advanced, and multidisciplinary field that requires medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical, engineering, and other applied and basic scientists' scientific and technical expertise:...
Drug Discovery

AI in drug discovery – Advantages and disadvantages

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays an important role in various fields of pharmacy like drug discovery, drug delivery formulation development, polypharmacology, hospital pharmacy, etc. The drug...