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Total artificial heart (TAH) or bionic heart – Pros and cons

Nearly 23 million people worldwide are affected by heart failure every day, and the risk is known to rise with advancing age. Additionally, 5%...
Flexiv Rizon

Yunfan Gao of Flexiv talks about adaptive robots in indoor farming

Indoor farming is one of the recent trends gaining traction in agriculture. Why? With continued global population growth, increasing loss of cultivated land to...
path planning

Path Planning Algorithms for robotic systems

Human errors and negligence are the leading causes of vehicle collisions, and autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to drastically reduce them. These autonomous...

A brief introduction to night vision technology

The current use of the term “Night Vision technology” refers to three distinct technologies – Generation Zero, Thermal Imaging and Image Intensification. Generation Zero equipment...

Vantagepoint AI named 2019 Most Trusted Online Trading Software Solution

Global Business Insight Awards recognize business leadership, innovation in finance and investment and sector success across seven continents. Vantagepoint AI has been recognized for...

Top game-changing technologies discussed the most online

Technology is evolving rapidly, and a new group of technologies is set to revolutionize the way people live and work. Interested in the vast world...
Video Analysis

What is Intelligent Video Analysis? Explained!

How has your video security system been working out? If you’re running multiple sites with independent video systems, it can be a challenge. There’s only...

Why you should buy robotic vacuum cleaners

Our houses are slowly becoming smarter and more automated, thanks to home automation. Autonomous tools like robotic vacuum cleaners make their presence felt increasingly...

Popular types of wearable devices in the market

With the increasing prevalence of the growing population, aging and chronic diseases continuously rising healthcare costs, the integration of wearable devices in health services...

Drones in underground mines – Applications and benefits

Drones that carry different acoustic, visual, chemical, and biological sensors, have various military and civilian applications such as search and rescue, surveillance, firefighting, weather...