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This section covers a wide range of autonomous or semi-autonomous robots in the robotics spectrum, such as humanoid, mobile robots, industrial robots (manipulating), service robots, educational (interactive) robots, modular robots, and collaborative robots.

Top 8 robots helping us fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Robots play an essential role in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest problems of our time. They are deployed in...

How do robots make plastic packaging alternatives easier to produce?

The time has come for the world to fully embrace plastic alternatives, and robots are making it possible. Humans have relied on plastic for...
Paper Handling

How the printing industry integrates robotics

Some might think that the printing industry is a dying industry since everything has gone virtual. Magazine articles, news articles, even research are all...

Nine 5G myths and conspiracy theories debunked

The fifth-generation (5G) of wireless communication is here. It has been currently in all major regions across the world, including the United States, China,...

Programming languages in robotics – How to get started?

Are you learning robotics and would like to deepen your knowledge and speed up the whole learning process? This guide contains some common questions...
robot safety

Robot safety – Causes of malfunctions and their solutions

It is said that robots take over hazardous jobs, but at the same time, new risks are involved. One thing that must be kept...

Waypoint Robotics launches MAV3K heavy-duty omnidirectional AMR

Waypoint Robotics, a NH-based robotics startup, today announced the launch of MAV3K (pronounced Māy-vick), the newest member of Waypoint's industrial grade autonomous mobile robot...

Space robotics – Orbital robots and surface robots

Sending robots to space for exploration and other critical missions is cheaper and more efficient than sending human astronauts. Why? Robots can survive in...

Glossary – A complete list of terms used in robotics

Robotics is a fast-growing technology. Industrial robots have become commonplace in factory settings worldwide in just a few decades and continue to gain popularity...

Programming industrial robots – Effective learning methods

Programming industrial robots touch every aspect of robotics, including interfaces with other automatic systems such as PLCs, intelligent sensors, manipulators, supervision computers, etc. It involves...