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This section covers a wide range of autonomous or semi-autonomous robots in the robotics spectrum, such as humanoid, mobile robots, industrial robots (manipulating), service robots, educational (interactive) robots, modular robots, and collaborative robots.


Benefits of deploying mobile robots in manufacturing

Mobile robots continue to gain popularity in manufacturing owing to several benefits, starting from safety, scalability, flexibility, high-efficiency, easy deployment, and autonomous navigation to...
robotic dog company KODA

Interview with John Suit, advising CTO at robotic dog company KODA

Robots are already a familiar sight in our factories and warehouses, where they continue to win terrain. They typically operate in highly structured environments...

Robot deception in human-robot interactions – What is your take?

Deception is a ubiquitous behavior among insects, animals, and humans. Most biologists and psychologists agree that deception is a deliberate attempt to send false...

Nine 5G myths and conspiracy theories debunked

The fifth-generation (5G) of wireless communication is here. It has been currently in all major regions across the world, including the United States, China,...
healthcare robots

Different types of healthcare robots explained

Healthcare robots differ from all other robots and deserve our special attention due to their direct interactions with human users in surgical theaters, rehabilitation...

Top collaborative robots companies to watch out in 2022

Traditionally, robots and humans work in separate environments, not letting both do the same task at the same time. But now new standards and...
robotic device

A complete guide on how to design a robotic device

Want to build a robotic device but don’t know what should be done to start and bring the solution to an end? Using the...

Programming industrial robots – Effective learning methods

Programming industrial robots touch every aspect of robotics, including interfaces with other automatic systems such as PLCs, intelligent sensors, manipulators, supervision computers, etc. It involves...

NASA to send self-charging robotic bees to join astronauts in space

Humans can do certain things in space. Remaining is left to robots. To free up valuable time for astronauts on board the International Space...

Global mobile robot market to reach to $9.90 billion by 2023

BIS Research's new market intelligence report predicts that the global mobile robot will reach $9.90 billion by 2023, witnessing a CAGR of 19.67 percent...