This section covers a wide range of autonomous or semi-autonomous robots in the robotics spectrum, such as humanoid, mobile robots, industrial robots (manipulating), service robots, educational (interactive) robots, modular robots, and collaborative robots.

Glossary – A complete list of terms used in robotics

Robotics is a fast-growing technology. Industrial robots have become commonplace in factory settings worldwide in just a few decades and continue to gain popularity...

NASA to send self-charging robotic bees to join astronauts in space

Humans can do certain things in space. Remaining is left to robots. To free up valuable time for astronauts on board the International Space...

Waypoint Robotics launches MAV3K heavy-duty omnidirectional AMR

Waypoint Robotics, a NH-based robotics startup, today announced the launch of MAV3K (pronounced Māy-vick), the newest member of Waypoint's industrial grade autonomous mobile robot...

Will robots and AI force you into retirement?

Fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots automating many jobs has grown as technological change accelerates. Some studies have predicted that in the next...

Honeywell announces fully automated robotic unloader for distribution centers

Honeywell announced a new automated robotic solution for unloading a wide range of packages from truck trailers and shipping containers at distribution centers. The robotic...

Intuitive’s da Vinci SP – A single-incision robot for urologic surgery

Tampa General Hospital has become the first hospital in Florida to successfully complete a urologic surgery using a sophisticated new robot, cutting just one...