This section covers a wide range of autonomous or semi-autonomous robots in the robotics spectrum, such as humanoid, mobile robots, industrial robots (manipulating), service robots, educational (interactive) robots, modular robots, and collaborative robots.


Robot Operating System (ROS) explained!

Operating Systems (OS) for general purpose computers include Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10, 11), Linux (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo), and Mac (OS X...
telepresence robots

Telepresence robots for physical and psychological wellbeing

Telepresence refers to technologies used to create a sense of physical presence at a remote place. Telepresence robots allow human operators to be virtually...

Future of robotics in industrial applications: Emerging trends

Robots have been part of industrial applications and automation systems for a long time. They are frequently associated with automation and the industrial revolution...
robotics engineer

What you need to become a robotics engineer

Robotics is a rapidly expanding field with a diverse range of specialties, industries, and companies to explore. Investment in the space is soaring as...
Polaris pool

Which Polaris pool cleaner is the best?

Swimming pools nowadays are an attribute not only of luxurious life but also comfort life. There are different types of swimming pools installed in...

The future of robotics in neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a specialty that involves operating under a microscope for high precision and careful tissue handling. The brain is a 3-dimensional structure enclosed...
robotic exoskeletons

Potential safety hazards of rehabilitation robots

As new technologies become available and the need for physical rehabilitation grows, rehabilitation robots have become increasingly relevant in recent years. A rehabilitation robot...
electric utility

How AI and robotics transform the future of electric utilities

The electric utility sector has great potential to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming years. Machine learning, robotics, and automation can help electric...
spine surgery

Telesurgery and surgical robotics – 7 predictions for 2022

Surgery has evolved from open surgery to robotic surgery, which is in continuous development, proving to be a better therapeutic option in certain procedures...
quadruped robots

Industrial applications of quadruped robots (robot dogs)

While robots with industrial applications have traditionally been either wheeled mobile robots or manipulators, advancements in artificial intelligence and autonomous machines have led to...