This section covers a wide range of autonomous or semi-autonomous robots in the robotics spectrum, such as humanoid, mobile robots, industrial robots (manipulating), service robots, educational (interactive) robots, modular robots, and collaborative robots.

robot arm

Robot anatomy: Four configurations – Pros and cons

The anatomy or the structure of a robot depends on the basic components such as the wrist, arm, and body used to build it...
programming robot

Three methods of programming industrial robots

Establishing a physical relationship between the robot and the equipment or task is the first step in programming a robot. The robot must be...

How automation and robotics transform on-site construction

Any building's construction process includes several stages, ranging from earthworks to structure construction (concreting, frame assembly, and walling) to finishing works. Traditionally, the construction...

7 robotic applications upgrading food packaging processes

Robots are taking food packaging into the future with streamlined, high-efficiency processes that deliver on quality. Robotics is taking on important roles in this...

How close are we to robots that repair roads?

Road repair robots are on the rise in the construction industry, but they still have some key obstacles to overcome. They are at the...
path planning

Path Planning Algorithms for robotic systems

Human errors and negligence are the leading causes of vehicle collisions, and autonomous vehicles (AVs) have the potential to drastically reduce them. These autonomous...

Space robotics – Orbital robots and surface robots

Sending robots to space for exploration and other critical missions is cheaper and more efficient than sending human astronauts. Why? Robots can survive in...
robotics training

Easy access to robotics training for building manufacturing skills

Accessible robotics training will ensure employees build the manufacturing skills they need as technology revolutionizes the industry. Manufacturing companies are grappling with a growing...

How is the energy sector using robots for inspections?

Energy sector infrastructure relies on regular inspections to ensure it continues to provide power to millions, and robots are helping to make that happen....

Why are more warehouses embracing more robots?

The warehousing industry is facing a major labor shortage and significantly elevated demand at the same time. Around the world, warehouses are both running...