Wearables are smart electronic devices worn by people to detect, analyze, and transmit body signals and immediately provide biofeedback to the wearer. This section will explore their technologies and various applications as navigation systems, advanced textiles, and healthcare.

CoolMen – A wearable testicle cooler to boost men’s fertility

Heat affects men's fertility. Studies show that three to four degrees below body temperature are the ideal temperature for sperm production. However, sperm production...

6 types of wearable devices you must know

In a short span of time, wearable devices have managed to garner a position of significance in the consumer electronics market as a new...

Top features of sensors used in wearable devices

Wearable devices use all kinds of sensors, depending on the application. Manufacturers worldwide produce sensors because they are an essential part of all wearable...

30 incredible wearable innovations that no one can ignore!

In the early years of wearable technology, most growth occurred in the low-priced fitness tracker market. More recently, devices such as smartwatches, hearables, smart...

New wearable device grabs cancer cells from blood

A team of U.S. engineers has developed a prototype wearable device that can collect live cancer cells directly from a patient's blood in advance...

VisualSpection – An augmented reality software for wearable devices

Burns & McDonnell has joined with Manitoba Hydro International Ltd. (MHI) to implement its VisualSpection™ platform, an augmented reality software for wearable devices. Utilities...

TickTalk 3 – Best kids wearable phone, smart watch and GPS tracker!

The TickTalk 3 works just like a standalone smart cellphone especially designed for kids 5-12 years old. It comes fully loaded with, WiFi connectivity,...

Wearable sensors imitate the skin to help cure wounds

Biosensors are analytical devices that combine a biological component with a physiochemical detector to observe and analyze a chemical and its body reaction. Conventional...