Advertising opportunity – Guidelines

RoboticsBiz is a tech portal that brings together experts and thought leaders in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, autonomous, cloud, and wearable technologies.

We work hard to keep you informed on new developments in these technologies that impact and reshape the world we live in. To ensure the quality and constant flow of great content, we accept advertorials (sponsored posts and banner ads) that boost our revenue and help us keep our promise that our team of writers, editors, managers, and marketers will deliver quality content with your interests in mind.

A sponsored post or advertorial combines the best of both editorial content and ad banners. Editorial content is a paid post written in an editorial format with reliable information to gain the readers’ trust and interest in a brand’s products and services.

Remember – posts that look too promotional will not attract readers. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when submitting an advertorial.

What we cover

RoboticsBiz covers a wide range of topics. They are:

Technology Markets
Artificial Intelligence Agriculture
Automation Defense & Security
Autonomous Education
Bots & Drones Healthcare & Sports
Cloud Hospitality & Retail
Machine Learning Household
Robots Logistics & Industrial
Sensors & Simulation Office & Household

What we expect

1. An advertorial is NOT a blatant sales pitch. It must be written from a third-person perspective to support a brand’s viewpoints about its products, services, and solutions. It should contain product information, tips, and views from sources outside of the brand.

2. The posts should be relevant to us and provide value to our readers.

3. The ideas must be presented without using the advertising language. The copy must not imply that RoboticsBiz endorses the brand.

4. The copy must be unique and not published anywhere else on the web.

5. The content should contain at least 800 words. Make sure the content has semantically related keywords.

6. You are encouraged to include an image and an embedded video to make the post look great.

7. We do provide do-follow links. You are allowed to use 1-2 authority anchors for references, but we will allow ONLY one promotional link per article. Do not link to any questionable sources or industries like pharmaceuticals, casinos, pornography, etc.

8. The content is subject to review and approval by our editorial team before publication.

What to expect from us

1. The post with links in it will exist on the site in perpetuity unless the advertiser requests removal.

2. All links in the sponsored post will contain the rel=”dofollow” tags.

3. The post will NOT be marked as “sponsored,” “paid,” or “guest post.” The posts will look like all other articles, without any tags mentioned above.

4. The article will NOT be concealed from being indexed by search engines.

5. A preview of the post will appear on the homepage of the site for a while.

6. If the content follows our editorial guidelines, the team will publish the post in less than 12 hours.

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Try our banner ads

Our sponsored banner ads can help you meet your goals regardless of your budget. Besides helping you boost your visibility and increase sales, they highlight your company, product, or services with a link to your company website in a highly visible position.

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