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Let’s find out how robotics and artificial intelligence transform hospitality and retail

7 hotel brands that lead the hospitality sector using robots

The use of robots in the hospitality industry is increasing, ranging from artificially intelligent chatbots to robot assistants designed to support the customer service...

LG to build robots for restaurants with CJ Foodville

LG Electronics Inc. announced on Thursday that it has partnered with Korean restaurant chain CJ Foodville to build a Flippy-like robot that can serve...

How does Flipkart use robots to deliver products on time?

India's largest online marketplace, Walmart-owned Flipkart, ships a million shipments across the country every day. To help sort packages and streamline its supply chain...

Walmart is hiring robots to replace humans for lower-level jobs

Walmart, the world's largest retailer, brings nearly 5,000 robots to its 11,348 stores. According to reports, Walmart wants store workers to help clients instead...

Associated Food Stores partners with CB4 to bring AI into stores

Associated Food Stores and CB4 announce partnership to improve in-store customer experience with artificial intelligence. Today Associated Food Stores (AFS) joined the growing list of...