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Robotics used to be a mere subject of sci-fi movies, novels, and TV shows. But today, it is slowly becoming part of everyone’s daily life. It is one of the booming technologies in the world, coexisting with us in many forms — starting from drones, self-driving vehicles, smart bots, companion and pet robots to automated machines used in warehouse logistics, manufacturing assembly lines, navigation, search and rescue operations.

Oxford Economics predicts that robotic machines will displace around 20 million manufacturing jobs worldwide over the next decade. This robotic revolution is driven by technological advancements in automation, engineering, energy storage, AI, and machine learning. It is changing the world by helping people do things better with greater efficiency and doing things that haven’t been possible before.

To meet today’s pressing need for a knowledge pool for the development and promotion of robotics and STEM education among the general public and school children, a team of experts in robotics research, AI, and machine learning has launched RoboticsBiz in 2019 as an information hub of everything you need to know about robotics and AI.

There is a lot of interest in robotics today. Our goal, therefore, is to build a knowledge bank, especially for people who are new to robotics but want to build a solid foundation that helps them venture into robotics in terms of their curriculum or career.

RoboticsBiz touches on various topics in robotics, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, drones, cloud computing, automation, etc. It partners with robotics events and competitions to promote STEM education in schools and colleges, which is crucial to creating critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators of the next generation. Attending events empowers engineers and professionals to expand their knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and insights to develop winning strategies.

The tech website also covers news and robotic trends in markets such as agriculture, defense, education, healthcare, retail, logistics, etc. RoboticsBiz is essentially a platform for people and organizations to share their knowledge and views on AI, automation, and robotics.

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