How to create a website like Airbnb: Step-by-step guide


The tourism and travel sector never sleeps. It’s one of the sectors that continues to expand daily. While spending the least money, where to stay is usually the top concern for many tourists and vacationers. In this instance, Airbnb has gained recognition and confidence from individuals worldwide. Since its release, the Airbnb app has grown to be the most practical means for travelers to cut costs on travel, interact with friendly locals, and live like a local. Therefore, in this article, you will learn why it is worth creating your booking website and how to do it.

Airbnb History and Overview

Airbnb’s competitors in the market include Booking, Wimdu, and 9Flats. While the website’s features are comparable to any other booking platform, one key distinction exists. Other options link purchasers with hostels and motels, but Airbnb links visitors with homeowners. Consequently, hosts, travelers, and admins are the three parties that make up the marketplace.

However, it all began in 2008 when two American designers worked with a limited budget. They charged for their accommodations to generate cash to cover their lodging costs. The boys started looking for sponsors to help their company concept when they had amassed enough money. They created a user-friendly website and put their living room for rent on it.

Since its founding in 2008, Airbnb has been incredibly well-known worldwide. Airbnb’s valuation as of April 2023 is 73.34 billion USD, a significant increase over the 54.13 billion USD it had the previous year. It was worth more than ever when it reached over 100 billion dollars in 2021.

A Set of Essential Airbnb Features

Airbnb offers features such as same-day rental listings, saving good offers as “Favorites,” and allowing teams to plan trips in real-time. The platform also features a search filter for tenants to book accommodation and check in immediately, a built-in messenger for connecting with landlords, and real-time notifications for responsible decision-making.

Airbnb’s focus on simplicity, speed, and security ensures the platform is user-friendly and secure, even on slow networks. The platform also provides a built-in messenger for anti-spam protection and real-time notifications for plan changes and top offers updates.

Why Make a Site Similar to Airbnb

There are several justifications for launching a real estate marketplace right away:

  1. The Marketplace Business Concept is Incredibly Successful. Renting out their real estate is a common way to gain money. Whether a home, office, garage, or apartment, it can generate revenue rather than sitting about and depleting the host’s upkeep and tax allowance.
  2. No Dangers to Inventory. In contrast to more conventional firms, you don’t need to hire a large staff or invest in your assets. The community is a marketplace’s greatest asset.
  3. Simple to Get Going. Because of the peer-to-peer partnership model and the rapid advancement of IT technology, it’s now easier than ever to launch your marketplace.

Cost and Time to Spend on Making a Website Like Airbnb

The project will take 6,437 hours to complete in total. Nevertheless, the hourly rate charged by the development business determines the development cost. It would set you back about $276,791 to start from scratch in Central or Western Europe on a business similar to Airbnb. It may cost you $160,925 to develop this similar product from the start in Ukraine. But these are approximate numbers; it is best to contact the company directly and ask how much time they need and how much it will cost.

How to Build a Website Like Airbnb

Constructing a sophisticated marketplace such as Airbnb may seem overwhelming initially, but breaking it down into small parts becomes straightforward. This is a comprehensive tutorial covering creating a website similar to Airbnb.

Choose the Software Development Strategy

Building a rental marketplace like Airbnb may be accomplished in two ways: creating a specific product from scratch or establishing a generic platform using a solution that facilitates marketplace development.

Building a Rental Platform on a Marketplace with Ready-made Solutions

Developers save time using off-the-shelf platforms like Sharetribe, Shopify, etc. They provide developers with interface templates that can be customized in a few days and a scalable infrastructure.

Conversely, the degree of customization available in ready-to-deploy markets is limited. The infrastructure may not support bold technological decisions and distinctive features. Additionally, developing a rental platform on Sharetribe or Shopify requires developers to rely on external infrastructure.

This raises many security issues, particularly because an online marketplace like Airbnb retains private information (credit card numbers, addresses, etc.) and will need more protection than off-the-shelf solutions.

Custom Marketplace Development

Another approach to launching a rental marketplace is to create the platform from the bottom up. In this manner, the development team is free to release innovative and creative features without limitations, has complete control over data protection and resource utilization, and is not required to pay fees for resource usage that might otherwise impede downscaling.

Of course, there are factors to consider while developing a bespoke marketplace. One reason is that it takes longer since you have to select a tech stack, employ a qualified engineering team, and create the infrastructure piece by piece from the ground up.


There is a great need for vacation rental enterprises, and creating a website similar to Airbnb may be highly profitable. Even if it might initially appear like a difficult road, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

We’ve covered everything you need to know in this article to create a vacation rental website that works similarly to Airbnb, so you should be ready to launch your company.