Artificial Intelligence

From smartphones to chatbots, artificial intelligence is everywhere! The momentum behind AI is building, partly thanks to the massive amounts of data that computers can collect every day about our likes, purchases, and movements. Here, we will explore how artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the coming years.


AI-powered chatbot – A strategic gateway to digital banking

Chatbots represent the next step in the customer-facing evolution of the banking industry. Chatbots are computer programs that use AI (artificial intelligence) and imitate...

Current use cases of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare

The healthcare sector is undergoing a rapid transformation globally due to the new advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, natural...
drug manufacturing

Challenges to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Pharma

Historically, the discovery of new drugs takes a long time to extract ingredients from natural products, test compounds against samples of diseased cells, and...

History of artificial intelligence in medicine (AIM)

The term "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) was coined in 1950. Alan Turing was the first to describe the use of computers to simulate intelligent behavior...
Artificial Intelligence books

Best 5 helpful Artificial Intelligence books you shouldn’t miss

Reading is one of the best ways of gaining a lot of knowledge in a limited time. You can read almost anywhere, in the...
cancer imaging

Artificial intelligence in cancer imaging – Current trends

The exponential growth and availability of healthcare data coupled with the increasing computational power have enabled the development of AI systems and machine learning...
drug discovery

AI in drug discovery – Benefits, drawbacks, and challenges

All current drug discovery approaches suffer from several common issues. First of all, they require a huge amount of funding to take a drug...
Drug Discovery

AI-based tools and databases for Drug Discovery

The development of a new drug is a very complex, expensive, and long process, broadly divided into four major stages: target selection and validation;...
computer vision

How computer vision is shaping the future of marketing

Visual content is a primary canvas for marketers to tell stories that influence their consumers. Videos, images, and everything between (and beyond) dominate websites,...

How AI in eCommerce will save you time and money

Surely you have heard of artificial intelligence (AI) before. While for some it still evokes only science fiction and robotics, it nevertheless fits into...